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Hello, welcome to my webpage!

I now have a Fediverese account!

You can call me poorfag if you want, i'm a poor european teenager that had too much unrestricted internet access at a very young age (since i was about 7 years old and as of writing this i am 14, i hate my parents for that). My username is not random in any way. I am not extremly poor, I don't eat grass and mud, but I do use 2008 thinkpad as my main computer! I have always found interest in old shit (when i was 10 i had a big 80s metal and rock phase for example), so making a personal website on neocities was just a matter of time!

If you wish to know a little bit more about me, go to the "About Me" page
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If you wish to send me death threads or boob pix, the "Contact" page is for you!
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